Ivana Velíšková


I like to speak about my experiences and my journey to becoming a web developer. I like to say that I am a Girl Develop It success story. I came in knowing very little about web development and within less than a year I learned how to be a good developer and found myself a job as a front end developer.

My first talk I was a part of a panel of women who had all transitioned from a different career path to one in tech at BarCamp Philly. It was incredibly inspiring to hear the journey of the other women on the panel with me, but also I loved sharing my story and giving advice that helped me get me to where I am. A few months later, a coworker of mine was at a networking event and met a woman who was in the audience at the panel and remembered me and my story and mentioned how it inspired her and helped her to continue pursuing her dream and eventually she found her first role in tech.

I have also done a lightning talk about my journey into tech at the Girl Develop It anniversary party.

I also teach Girl Develop It classes (I have taught the Intro to jQuery class for Girl Develop It Philly), as well as, am currently helping develop several new classes for the curriculum.

I have spoken about my experiences learning and getting into JavaScript at LiberyJS on October 1st 2016, and at PhlUX meetup in November 2016.

I was part of a panel on how to prepare and give your first talk at ELA Conf in Philadelphia.

I spoke about getting through a technical interview at NET/WORK Philly hosted by Technical.ly in February 2017.

In March 2017, I was a part of a panel for Girl Develop It call 'A Day in the Life' series in which several developers (including myself) discussed how we made a transition into development to help encourage other women that they can also make a similar transition.