Ivana Velíšková

Minerva Priorities

LadyHacks – 2016

At the 2016 Ladyhacks hackathon, I was asked to be a mentor to the attendees and help out however I can with projects. I walked around and was asked to help out a team with some javascript on this project.

The objective of the hackathon was health and wellness. This project fits into the theme to help a user prioritize and stress out less about all of their tasks that need to be done. The project is written using jQuery and some pure javascript, such as cookies to save a user's previous list and then to access it and view the last list. The name, Minerva Priorities, comes from

There is also javascript that allows the list to be dragged and prioritized. As well as items can be removed when completed or if a user decides that this item doesn't need to be used.

The javascript relies on jQuery and jQueryUI libraries. It uses draggable and sortable functions and cookies. Therefore, in order to run, it requires a secure server to be able to work.

The code for the javascript portion, to which I heavily contributed, can be found on my Github page.

As a side note, this project had not been completed and therefore was never put live anywhere.

Retrospectively, I would probably use React or Vue.js for this project instead of storing cookie sessions. It would make a little more sense for the app itself, but all in all I think it turned out quite well for a collaborative project.

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