Ivana Velíšková

JavaScript Code Snippets

I've worked on many different javascript code snippets to practice and learn javascript and improve my skills. Here are a few of my code snippets:

As one of my first JavaScript snippets, I learned in a JavaScript/jQuery Girl Develop It class, we did some minor DOM manipulation and submitting forms and doing small calculations.

See the Pen Form submit and calculate by Ivana Veliskova (@ivanaveliskova) on CodePen.

My tic-tac-toe game I built when I first learned JavaScript. It my first time trying to solve a problem with JavaScript and trying to figure out all of the various edge cases that might possibly come from a simple tic-tac-toe game.

See the Pen Game of Tic Tac Toe by Ivana Veliskova (@ivanaveliskova) on CodePen.

Afterwards, a friend was trying to find a good way to put a practice quiz for his students online. One that will reveal the answers after submission. Sadly, this isn't very secure (as the answers are apparent in the javascript, but this was for students of Greek and Latin studies, so I didn't think they would be inspecting the page to try to cheat, who would that help anyway?).

See the Pen Quiz page by Ivana Veliskova (@ivanaveliskova) on CodePen.

While I was interviewing for one company, I wrote these next two snippets as part of their code test. I wrote a slightly different code when I was interviewing and then I went back and tried to write a better cleaner solution for both. I really enjoy going back and learning more about something I was asked at an interview because you might learn something new.

See the Pen Reverse an Array in place by Ivana Veliskova (@ivanaveliskova) on CodePen.

See the Pen Array Anagrams Function by Ivana Veliskova (@ivanaveliskova) on CodePen.