Ivana Velíšková

Ivanka Bot

Check out the Bot code right here!

I had taken a Node.js class in the beginning of 2016 through GDI. It was so much fun trying to learn something new and get an idea on hwo to do something that a few years ago I would have laughed if someone told me that I could do this. But I tried it anyway. I looked up hundreds of tutorials and did a lot of reading through npm modules, and finally built my own twitter bot. It doesn't do everything I'd like for it to do, and there are many improvements I would like to make with it but it has some basic functionality and shows that I was able to learn something quickly and implement it almost immediately.

Retrospectively, some things I would do differently for this is use a waterfall type module that would grab the data I need, and then send it over to the next function that needed the data. I forget that Node runs asynchronously and so sometimes my functions are grabbing data and sending it to other functions, and sometimes those functions don't have the data they need which then causes errors. This needs fixing definitely. Also, my functions can be cleaner and clearer.