Ivana Velíšková

Dan and Taylor Site

The live site has been taken down (as Dan and Taylor are not dancing together anymore) but you can see the site as I worked on it on github here! (Please note that the form will not work.)

This site was built as a freelance project for a good friend of mine in California. He needed to update his site that he uses to advertise himself and his partner as well as their teaching so people can contact them for lessons. There were several requirements. He needed it to be responsive and clean, and easy for him to update as necessary. It was helpful that he provided me with designs and what he was looking for. Then there was a bit of back and forth to getting it looking the way that he wanted it looking. It was a good experience, learning to manage my own time and be my own project manager in a way to keep myself on track. I also had the opportunity to build out the email form, which I really enjoyed writing the styles for it, cleaning up the drop down menu, and then looking up on CSS-tricks how to use php to submit this form because I've never really had to write anything that would submit server-side (as to protect his email address from getting too much spam).

Looking back on the site, there are some things I would do a bit differently. I might have made it a bit more accessible. I tried using semantic markup to be somewhat accessible, but the changes that I had to make with JavaScript to the drop down menu in the email form probably weren't the best for semantics. It's usually better not to manipulate form elements too much to keep them as accessible as possible.