Ivana Velíšková

New Year's Resolutions

I read somewhere that telling someone your New Year’s Resolutions will make you more likely to actually keep them. This makes sense, in a way, because then you potentially have someone who keeps bugging you if you are keeping to your resolutions and just to prove them as a non-believer (‘shun the non-believers!!!’) you actually try to keep to your resolutions. Apparently, my company has a weight competition (or at least they had) in which they see who can lose the most weight (I guess in a certain amount of time?), which is also a good way to motivate (I think you win some money or something). There are also loads of unrealistic goals one can set for oneself and never accomplish them. I’ve done it plenty of times. I’m sure everyone has. But I digress.

Here is a list of my potential new year’s resolutions I would like to try to keep.

  1. I’d like to keep a blog. A more consistent blog. I have a few ideas of what I would like to write about, for once, but I do need to force myself to actually write about it all. Do some research. Make a plan. Write something and post. One thing I want to definitely write more about is women in S.T.E.M. That is something close to my heart and it’s important to me. Also, one of my besties keeps this topic close to her heart as well and therefore I would have the option of having guest posts by her as well as any other friends who have thoughts and ideas. I would potentially open a new blog simultaneously on baking. Therefore keep 2 blogs on 1 site (google image search that, ha).

  2. Along those same lines, I would like to finish the class I am working on for GDI on static site generators. I’ve been doing a bunch of research and testing stuff to be able to teach the class to anyone using any computer and I think I am starting to get the hang of it, so I want to finish the class. A big goal of mine is to actually end up teaching a GDI class this year.

  3. Along the lines mentioned above, I would like to progress within my career. Whether it is to ask for a raise or to move over to being a lead front end, or just being considering a role model within the company and someone they look to when hiring new employees, but I need to start somewhere small and go with that. The first two resolutions should help me with that because I would learn something new that is important to my career as a front end developer.

  4. A small resolution of mine is to lose a bit of weight. Or more get into better shape. A few small goals within that that I have is to improve my diet, following some advice from one of my coworkers, I need to buy a scale and track my weight daily and find what is hurting me the most. Another little goal with that, I have been considering dancing again, maybe not to the same extent that I use to, but essentially I’d consider either pro-am, or actually finding a new partner and just slowly working on potentially working towards nationals, etc.

  5. I would like to read more. Something like 1 book a month for now. Books related to my career, more articles that are related, and even unrelated novels. I am also considering, as a part of that, listening to some audiobooks every so often, maybe on my way to and from work or so, although I would finish one every week with that, which wouldn’t be so bad. I would also hope that that would help me improve with my listening skills and help me improve my attention span problems.

  6. A big thing, which I want to work on, is being more confident in myself. All of the previous resolutions are meant to build up to this. I want to get myself out into the world more and experience more of it. Give more talks. Inspire more people.

So those are a few of the goals that I would really like to accomplish this year. They aren’t that big. And there aren’t that many, but it will require a lot of work from me, which doing anything would, but we are all too lazy to really become successful, even though we are all given that chance.

For now, so long. I will be back soon with a new years resolution accomplishing/beginning post!