Ivana Velíšková

New Year

Friends. Romans. Country(wo)men.

It is 2018! Congrats on making it this long. It’s been quite a wild ride. Last year was CRAZY! Let’s review, shall we?

In January, I flew to Boston to go to a Flyers/Bruins game.

February, I gave a talk on acing a technical interview at NET/WORK Philly (thanks, Technically).

In March, I was on a panel called “A Day In the Life,” talking about my experiences and transition into development.

April, I taught Intro to jQuery and attended the Women in Tech Summit.

May, I flew out to California to attend a Wedding and camped out in the woods for several days (and survived!)

June wasn’t all the exciting, just relaxed.

July we had a going away party for my long time mentor and person who I look up to, Elise.

August was my birthday and my second nephew was born!!!

September, I had like 3 interviews in one week and really got into my job search. (At the same time, my boyfriend, Mark, received a wonderful job offer, so congrats to him.) September 21, I had an interview at Guru. September 22, I received my offer from Guru, which I ultimately accepted with much excitement.

October, I put in my notice to leave WebLinc; went on vacation for almost 2 weeks without a worry in sight or thinking about work. October 29th I was determined to make it back to Philly after my flight from JFK to Philly was canceled coming back from vacation so on October 30th would be my first day at Guru!

November, I attended LibertyJS and PAX UnPlugged (and with a great team of friends, almost made it to the codenames finals).

Finally, in December was my first holiday party with Guru.

I accomplished so much in just a year. And I’m excited to accomplish way more this coming year. This year will be the year of getting healthy and feeling good about myself.

I’d like to go into more detail on those, but they will be separate blog posts coming up.

For now, I will leave you with my year in review and that I have switched to a new company and it’s also very exciting!