Ivana Velíšková

Ivana Velíšková


Borrowed Image of Eevee from Wiki

Looks just like me!

My name is Ivana. That’s Ivana, spelled I-V-A-N-A, but the “I” is pronounced like the Ee in Eevee. Sometimes I go by Ivanka or Iva. But, otherwise, Ivana works just fine.

I have an incredibly expensive, gold-embossed paperweight from Boston University in World Peace, or as some like to call it: International Relations. Instead, I chose a path relating to my chosen major ~very~ well: front end web developer.

I am mostly self taught in web development with supplemental classes taken through Girl Develop It to augment what I had taught myself. In case you're not familiar with it, GDI is an incredible springboard for women trying to break into the technological industry. They have a very welcoming environment (men can take classes too!) where you can ask the important questions like, “What’s an ID?” or, “Why is my code not working? Oh, I forgot a parenthesis…” (these may or may not be actual events) in a safe and supportive environment without feeling like anyone is judging or rolling their eyes at you.

When I’m not busy trying to figure out how to turn on my computer (kidding… maybe), I love to bake and occasionally do a little dance. I like to pretend that I’m a decent photographer (although the 400 selfies I have to take before I post just 1 would say otherwise… Earlybird, anyone?).

But something most people probably don’t know about me? I AM A NERD AND PROUD OF IT.

I love Harry Potter, and almost anything by the BBC (Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Musketeers, Merlin, etc.) I am a Pokemon Master (see proof here) I am wildly competitive in any tabletop game, including (but not limited to) Settlers of Catan, Takenoko, Munchkin (Adventure Time version), Race for the Galaxy, 7 Wonders, and more (I spend a lot of time watching Wil Wheaton on Tabletop). I also watch more anime (SAO, Sailormoon, and Fairy Tail, to name a few) than I care to admit. I can solve a Rubik’s cube and drive a manual transmission (though not at the same time… safety first!). Oh, and secretly, I know I’m a ninja.

Image of Me!

This is actually me.